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Questions & Support

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Want to pick my brain about a specific topic? Feeling uneasy and want guidance and support with a new eating plan, introducing first foods, undergoing an elimination diet, or assessing supplements for your family? I’m here for you! It takes a village to nourish a family and having a holistic nutritionist in your corner can be really helpful during moments of transition. For things like this you may not need an entire new patient appointment, so I also offer support for the little questions and concerns that are sure to come up.


Pricing Information

Feel free to email me directly (or DM me on Instagram) to touch base about quick questions and opportunities to work together. For phone calls, I charge $25 for a 15-20 minute phone call. I offer ongoing email support for $25 for two weeks and $45 for a month. During this time, if something comes up that I think warrants a longer appointment I will let you know and we can make adjustments.