Apple Slice Donuts

I wasn’t sure what my toddler was going to think when after promising her a “donut”, handed her this apple treat. Thankfully she was excited (thank you sprinkles) and ended up loving it!

I will warn you, this doesn’t really taste anything like a donut. It is, however, a fun way to serve up apple slices with nut butter and is sure to make your little one smile.


  • 1 whole apple (I used Golden Delicious)

  • Nut butter of your choice (I used cashew butter blended with chia seeds)

  • Sprinkles (I used India Tree Nature’s Colors Carnival Sprinkles because it uses vegetables instead of petroleum-based byes)


  • Small cookie or vegetable cutter (you can also use something you have on hand like a bottle cap!)


  1. Cut apple into even slices.

  2. Use the veggie cutter to remove the center with seeds.

  3. “Frost” the apple slice with the nut butter of your choice.

  4. Add sprinkles to the top and enjoy a nutritious treat with your little one!